Kód: VMG-ZINC-115

Značka: Vimergy®

Zinc Sulfate, Vimergy

Zinc is an essential trace element for human health. Everyone needs it! Not only does it support a healthy metabolism and immune system, but it is also a powerful antioxidant.

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Kód: VMG-MICRO-180

Značka: Vimergy®

Vitamin C, Micro-C, Vimergy

Introduction of Vitamin Micro-C from Vimergy! Micro-C is a special blend of vitamin C that is more digestible than traditional forms of vitamin C. Our unique formula is complemented by rose hips, grape seed extract, routines and acerola fruit extract. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, and skin health.

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Kód: VMG-CATS-115

Značka: Vimergy®

Cat's Claw, Vimergy

Our immune system constantly fights against unwanted microorganisms and ensures prosperity. But without proper support, he must go into battle without a shield or weapon. Arm yourself with a special herb, popularly called cat's claw, that supports a healthy immune system. Vimergy's Cat's Claw is a 10: 1 alcohol-free extract.

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€22.57 / 100ml

Kód: VMG-B12-30

Značka: Vimergy®

Vitamin B12 - 30ml, Vimergy

Everyone wants to have energy and thrive. B-12 is essential for generating energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is also essential for a healthy nervous system, metabolic function, and red blood cell production. Vimergy's B-12 is a highly absorbable blend of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

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€85.03 / 100ml
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Ultimate Cellular Health, Global Healing Center


Support Healthy Aging & Cellular Health

€1.84 / Pcs.


Ultimate Cellular Health is an advanced, high-performance formula that protects your health at the cellular level. With Cellular Health, you can promote healthy aging, nourish your cells, and boost energy. Transform your health with this all-in-one formula crafted with powerful ingredients!

  • Boosts Cellular Health

  • Promotes Healthy Aging

  • Increases Energy Naturally

What Is Ultimate Cellular Health?

We all get older in years, and as that happens, free radicals can wreak havoc in your body. These rogue electrons cause oxidative stress, which is the primary cause of the physical effects we refer to as "aging." The solution? The Ultimate Cellular Health! It's an all-in-one formula that supports NAD+ production, protects DNA and telomeres, and contains powerful ingredients. Ultimate Cellular Health is also perfect for supporting your body’s creation of energy and boosting heart health, the nervous system, cognitive function, and more. Every 60-capsule bottle lasts 30 days when used as directed.

Benefits of Ultimate Cellular Health

Ultimate Cellular Health combines the most effective ingredients into one formula for complete support.

Boosts Cellular Health

Cellular Health contains a blend of powerful antioxidants that help to neutralize harmful free radicals and protect your cells.

Promotes Healthy Aging

Antioxidants defend against free radicals that cause the wear and tear we know as aging. This formula is an optimized combination of the most potent antioxidants available.

Increases Energy Naturally

Need more energy? Cellular Health contains BioPQQ, which helps mitochondria work efficiently to balance and enhance energy production.

Top 5 Reasons You Need Ultimate Cellular Health

Boost Cognitive Function

Ingredients like Trans-Resveratrol support healthy cognition, brain cells, mood, and sleep.

Active DNA Protection

Protects your DNA and telomerase production, an enzyme that aids telomere development.

Support Heart Health

Antioxidant-rich ingredients like NR and R-Lipoic Acid support artery structure and normal blood pressure.

Healthy Stress Response

This formula contains adaptogens like Astragalus extract, which helps the body adapt to stress.

Support Mitochondrial Function

As you age, you may lower mitochondrial function. Our formula contains powerful enzymes that support new mitochondrial formation.

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Značka: Gaia Herbs®

Energy Vitality, Gaia Herbs

Between work and personal obligations— days come and go quickly, and we are often left feeling tired, overwhelmed, and run down. Energy Vitality may offer the boost you need as it is made with an invigorating blend of herbs that help the body adapt to stress and support healthy energy levels.*

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€0.55 / Pcs.