Why does Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol sometimes taste differently than others?

Our silver product tastes like water, although sometimes people report detecting a faint metallic taste. This faint metallic taste might feel stronger, usually due to the pH of the mouth when the product was ingested. For example, if you recently drank coffee, which is highly acidic, you might be more apt to detect the faint metallic taste.

If Sovereign Silver ever tastes stronger (bitter/sour/pungent) than “water with faint metallic taste,” the primary reason would probably be due to metabolic changes, such as acidic saliva, most likely due to changes in diet or from dietary choices, both of which could result in a change in the pH of your saliva. Secondary issues could be leaching of metals from dental amalgams. However, leaching usually only occurs when the saliva is acidic, thus pointing back to a dietary change. You can easily find lists of alkaline foods on the internet.

Organoleptic (taste & odor) tests are part of our batch release parameters. Our product is manufactured the same exact way with the same exact components, each and every time, and we have never released a “bad” batch.