What makes this product different?

Vimergy Elderberry Syrup is sweetened only with organic raw honey and organic mulberry extract. We never use any sneaky flavors, citric acid, or alcohol. And even better, each serving also gives you 100mg of added buffered vitamin C, taking this Elderberry Syrup to a new level of health support! This is a great way to get this gentle vitamin C into your children.

You can use it for immune support, cardiovascular support, skin health, and as an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C.

In every serving, our one-of-a-kind formulation gives you 15,040mg herbal equivalency of organic, fresh elderberries, plus an additional 100mg of buffered vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach, and 1,000mg herbal equivalency of organic, fresh mulberries!

Curious what makes our Elderberry Syrup special? To start, it is 100% USDA organic and has super-high potency. Our elderberry syrup is made from elderberry juice extract rather than just boiled elderberries. This means the juice is extracted out of the whole elderberries (where the nutrients are contained) and it's then concentrated into a 16:1 extract. This means our elderberry syrup is high potency, superior quality, and provides 15,040mg herbal equivalency of organic, fresh elderberries in every 1 teaspoon serving.