Kód: VMG-ZINC-115

Značka: Vimergy®

Zinc Sulfate, Vimergy

Zinc is an essential trace element for human health. Everyone needs it! Not only does it support a healthy metabolism and immune system, but it is also a powerful antioxidant.

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€26.41 / 100ml

Kód: VMG-MICRO-180

Značka: Vimergy®

Vitamin C, Micro-C, Vimergy

Introduction of Vitamin Micro-C from Vimergy! Micro-C is a special blend of vitamin C that is more digestible than traditional forms of vitamin C. Our unique formula is complemented by rose hips, grape seed extract, routines and acerola fruit extract. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, and skin health.

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Kód: VMG-CATS-115

Značka: Vimergy®

Cat's Claw, Vimergy

Our immune system constantly fights against unwanted microorganisms and ensures prosperity. But without proper support, he must go into battle without a shield or weapon. Arm yourself with a special herb, popularly called cat's claw, that supports a healthy immune system. Vimergy's Cat's Claw is a 10: 1 alcohol-free extract.

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€22.57 / 100ml

Kód: VMG-B12-30

Značka: Vimergy®

Vitamin B12 - 30ml, Vimergy

Everyone wants to have energy and thrive. B-12 is essential for generating energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is also essential for a healthy nervous system, metabolic function, and red blood cell production. Vimergy's B-12 is a highly absorbable blend of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

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€85.03 / 100ml
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Plant-Based Vein Health, Global Healing Center


Plant-Based Vein Health is an organic Raw Herbal Extract™ designed to promote normal circulatory health. This all-natural, advanced formula supports normal vein durability and helps minimize the appearance of spider veins.

  • Promotes Healthy Veins & Arteries

  • Helps With Spider Veins

  • Encourages Normal Blood Flow & Circulatory Health

€55.13 / 100ml


What Is Plant-Based Vein Health?


Strong blood vessels are crucial for healthy circulation. However, if you sit or stand for long periods of time, don’t get enough exercise, or strain during bowel movements, it could affect the integrity of your veins and arteries. When that happens, blood doesn’t move as easily through your body and may even pool in some areas.

Plant-Based Vein Health is specifically formulated to support circulatory health by supporting strong, durable veins and arteries, while promoting elasticity. This advanced, organic formula also works to minimize the appearance of arteries and spider veins on the skin's surface.


Health Benefits of Plant-Based Vein Health

The power of Plant-Based Vein Health is due to its Raw Herbal Extract blend of potent, organic ingredients.

Supports Veins & Arteries

Veins are blood vessels that transport blood to your heart. Arteries carry blood away from it. Plant-Based Vein Health is an all-natural, herbal formula that supports normal circulatory health.

Lessens Swelling

Do you have swollen ankles or legs that look discolored, feel heavy, or make your shoes tight? The cause could be that blood is pooling in your body. Plant-Based Vein Health keeps it moving.

Helps Minimize Spider Veins

Do you have spidery, reddish or bluish marks on your legs? Ingredients like horse chestnut contain tannins and astringents that effectively help to minimize the appearance of spider veins.


Top 5 Reasons You Need Plant-Based Vein Health

Soothes & Tones

The herbs in Plant-Based Vein Health are high in antioxidants that calm stretched, swollen blood vessels.

Supports Circulatory Health

Feel cold all the time? It could be poor circulation. Hawthorn supports the circulatory system.

Pumps Up Blood Vessels

In Chinese medicine, morthermort is a cooling herb that strengthens blood vessel walls.

Helps to Boost Stamina

Supporting circulatory health delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs, which increases overall energy levels.

Enhanced Formula

Plant-Based Vein Health is a liquid formula that's enhanced with Energized Trace Minerals, which boosts overall bioavailability.



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Raspberry 1oz (Rubus idaeus) grows on a prolific, red, prickly vine forming dense thickets. It is a member of the rose family, grows in fields along the edges of wooded areas throughout North America. In the summer, the red, prickly vines become covered with delicious berries, beloved by birds, small animals and humans alike. The fruit is a nutritious...

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