Kód: VMG-ZINC-115

Značka: Vimergy®

Zinc Sulfate, Vimergy

Zinc is an essential trace element for human health. Everyone needs it! Not only does it support a healthy metabolism and immune system, but it is also a powerful antioxidant.

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€26.41 / 100ml

Kód: VMG-MICRO-180

Značka: Vimergy®

Vitamin C, Micro-C, Vimergy

Introduction of Vitamin Micro-C from Vimergy! Micro-C is a special blend of vitamin C that is more digestible than traditional forms of vitamin C. Our unique formula is complemented by rose hips, grape seed extract, routines and acerola fruit extract. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, and skin health.

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Kód: VMG-CATS-115

Značka: Vimergy®

Cat's Claw, Vimergy

Our immune system constantly fights against unwanted microorganisms and ensures prosperity. But without proper support, he must go into battle without a shield or weapon. Arm yourself with a special herb, popularly called cat's claw, that supports a healthy immune system. Vimergy's Cat's Claw is a 10: 1 alcohol-free extract.

Cena €25.95
€22.57 / 100ml

Kód: VMG-B12-30

Značka: Vimergy®

Vitamin B12 - 30ml, Vimergy

Everyone wants to have energy and thrive. B-12 is essential for generating energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is also essential for a healthy nervous system, metabolic function, and red blood cell production. Vimergy's B-12 is a highly absorbable blend of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

Cena €25.51
€85.03 / 100ml
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O2-Zap®, Global Healing Center

Ozonated olive oil for all skin-related needs

Do you want healthy skin that looks its best? O2-Zap is what you need. It's organic ozonated olive oil, an oxygen-rich ointment that is perfect for almost any skin problem. Naturally soothes and moisturizes like nothing else.

  • Hydrates dry, rough skin

  • Promotes quick healing

  • Organic formula

€49.50 / 100ml


What is O2-Zap?

O2-Zap is a clear, oxygen-rich ointment with a lotion-like consistency that is one of the most versatile natural remedies for almost every skin disease. Itching, scratches, bug bites, minor rashes, what you call it. O2-Zap is made by blowing ozone through organic olive oil to saturate it with oxygen. It soothes and moisturizes in a way that nothing else can. Whatever you need, it's the perfect safe and natural solution. The organic, gluten-free formula works for all skin types and is gentle enough for babies.

Health benefits of O2-Zap

Ozonated olive oil is a wonder drug that offers a multitude of benefits.

Ultra moisturizing

Dry skin, chapped lips or a flaky scalp? Wherever your dry skin and whatever the cause, O2-Zap delivers moisturizing oxygen that moisturizes and makes your skin look great.

Helps in healing

Do not leave any cuts, scratches, scrapes or marks. Apply a little O2-Zap or use it with your bandage to cleanse your skin and stimulate quick, healthy healing.

Erases the complexion

Tired of blemishes? Is your complexion not as even as you'd like? Olive oil provides the nutrients and antioxidants that deeply nourish your skin.

The top 5 reasons why you need O2-Zap

Soothes insect bites

O2-Zap soothes and stops the itchy irritation and helps heal insect bites quickly.

Slows down aging

Oxygen reduces the signs of aging for a youthful appearance.

Keeps your toes free

Locker room floors - yuck. O2 Zap will stop the nasties targeting your feet.

Supports oral health

Brushing with O2-Zap supports healthy gums and cleans like nothing else.

Natural deodorant

O2-Zap under your arms or on your feet naturally stops the odor, no aluminum.

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