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Everyone wants to feel good. Feeling energetic, positive, and physically well every day is one of the keys to a happy life. There isn’t a person on this planet who wants poor health. Yet many factors in the modern world cause a decline in vitality — particularly environmental toxins, poor diet, stress, and lifestyle.



The ultimate key to health lies at the heart of Dr. Group’s philosophy and the concept that led him to build Global Healing from the ground up — teach your body to heal itself.

That philosophy is simple: If you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and take steps on a wellness journey, at your own pace, your body will start to heal itself. The journey should include a healthy — preferably plant-based — diet, physical fitness, plenty of sleep, water, and peacefulness. Add in high-quality nutritional supplements where your diet falls short. With these vital things, you can experience what it means to feel your best.

Our mission is to be your partner in healthy living. Our products are rooted in nature and backed by science. They’ve worked for millions of people, and they can work for you too.

“We want to empower people to support their health naturally. By providing natural health information and products, we want to revolutionize your journey to better health. We believe in cleansing your internal and external environment to restore your body's self-healing mechanisms. We have a responsibility to provide the purest, all-natural, vegan supplements and cleansing programs.”


Our Story

Our company’s journey began in 1998 when Dr. Group founded the company in Houston with two employees in a 200 square-foot office. With vision, love, and a heart for our customers, Global Healing has grown into an international brand that serves as an industry leader in natural health. We combine modern technological innovation with time-honored traditional herbal knowledge.

Today, you can find us at our headquarters in Houston, Texas and our state-of-the-art eco-friendly manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We have passionate customers worldwide who are each treated with respect, care, and confidentiality by our award-winning Customer Satisfaction team.

What Makes Us Different

What sets us apart is that Dr. Group is truly a visionary leader. Our company truly cares about the quality and purity of each product, and about each individual who interacts with us — whether you are reading our online material or you purchase our supplements. We care about your health.

At our state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratory in Phoenix, we develop and formulate innovative products that offer the best supplements in the industry, hands down. We research and create superior formulations of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional compounds. For our Raw Herbal Extract™ line, we harness the raw natural essences of living plants. From sourcing ingredients to shipping, we manage quality every step of the way.

We thoughtfully source ingredients aligned to their most natural, high-frequency state. All of our products are vegan and gluten-free. Most products are organic or use organic and wildcrafted ingredients. By focusing on products rooted in nature and free of toxic additives, you can feel confident Global Healing Products will have a meaningful, positive impact on your health.

Our Promise

When we say we want to help you live healthy, we mean it. The products we sell not only contain superior nutritive value but have also undergone rigorous quality control tests at every step of our growing and manufacturing processes. We are so confident you will love our products, we offer a full Year to Love It guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, simply return any products for a full refund. We will even pay for return shipping!

These high-quality ingredients are verified by third-party labs for purity and potency. We also have precise specifications for ingredient identity, microbe limits, heavy metal limits, and non-GMO verifications. 

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Brand: Global Healing Center®

Boron, Global Healing


Trace Mineral for Total Body Wellness A naturally-occurring trace mineral found in plant foods, boron is your secret to supporting total body wellness on a daily basis. 

Price €39.63
€67.17 / 100ml

Reference: GHC-BH-2OZ

Brand: Global Healing Center®

Brain Health - Sayer JI, Global Healing


Brain Health is an advanced full spectrum Raw Herbal Extract™ formula with different forms of turmeric to give you the maximum levels and absorption of aromatic turmerones, curcumins and other phytonutrients. These turmerones promote the formation of new brain neurons (neurogenesis) and improve brain function!

Price €56.64
€94.40 / 100ml