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Our daily decisions about how we treat ourselves have a direct impact on us and our well-being. Food is the most direct and intense contact. Every single cell reacts to food and controls our vitality and energy. The choice and quality of food is therefore of highest importance.

Based on this consideration, the founders of i like it clean have set themselves the task of offering a range of high-purity nutrients with maximum active ingredient content in the best quality, without additives and with the greatest possible adherence to the aspect of sustainability.


Every i like it clean product is a promise of quality that can be trusted without reservation.


Identifying the purest and highest quality raw materials worldwide was the cornerstone for the i like it clean product range. Decades of experience in the production of raw materials are reflected in the products. Each of the selected manufacturing companies has set itself the goal of delivering the best quality in the world. This is directly reflected in the i like it clean products: incomparable quality and unsurpassed active ingredient content thanks to expertise in the cultivation and gentle processing of the i like it clean powdered algae and grass juice products, patented and study-proven quality of the vitamin C, outstanding anthocyanin content of the Organic Wild Blueberry Powder (3.5 x more compared to Canadian wild blueberries, 4 x more than cultivated blueberries). The liquid products are alcohol-free and provide the nutrients in their activated and highly bioavailable form.


One of the founders' main concerns is plastic-free packaging for the contamination-free storage of powders and capsules and the preservation of their nutrient content. All powder and capsule products are filled in patented Miron glasses, which protect the products from the effects of light, guarantee freshness and shelf life and ensure the bioenergetic quality of the product, as the glass does not stimulate any biochemical reactions with the contents. The glasses can then be used in a variety of ways. For example, they offer spices and flours a high-quality and attractive storage option. 


Processing the raw materials exclusively in Europe ensures efficient processes and controlled conditions. This is also reflected in attractive, affordable pricing, as well as in an improved environmental balance due to shorter distances to the user.


This positive energy - starting with the basic idea of the direct effect of our food on all bodily processes, the quality commitment of the i like it clean founders to the consumer, the connection and care of the raw material suppliers with their product, the assurance of the bioenergetic quality of the products through the special Miron glass packaging and the sustainability through processing in Europe - resonates in every i like it clean product.

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