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Plant-Based Selenium from Organic Mustard Seed

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Non GMO Project
Vegan Friendly
Gluten Free
No Animal Testing
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Discover the exceptional power of our organic selenium supplement, carefully crafted to support optimal health and vitality. This essential trace mineral plays a vital role in promoting a healthy thyroid, boosting immune function, maintaining cardiovascular health, and supporting efficient metabolism. Our premium supplement is expertly extracted from the potent mustard seed plant, and is vegan-friendly and highly bioavailable, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization of this powerful antioxidant to support several critical body functions.


Uniquely made From Seed to Supplement

Don't settle for synthetic selenium supplements made in a lab. Our premium organic selenium is expertly extracted from pure, natural mustard seeds — a rich source of this vital trace mineral and other nutritional co-factors that enhance its activity. Our vegan-friendly formula contains no artificial ingredients or additives of any kind, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization by the body.


The benefits How Selenium Leads to a Better You.

Strong Antioxidant

Selenium’s antioxidant properties help protect the body from free radical damage. By neutralizing these free radicals, selenium can help reduce the signs of aging and improve overall health. Regular selenium intake can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, resulting in improved cognitive function and better mental health.

Better Thyroid Health

Selenium is a powerful tool for maintaining a healthy thyroid. This trace element is particularly essential in producing glutathione peroxidase, a remarkable antioxidant enzyme that actively defends and protects the thyroid. Selenium expertly balances thyroid levels by ensuring our bodies never experience too much or too little thyroid hormones.

Boosted Immunity

Selenium, an essential trace mineral, plays a significant role in maintaining and strengthening our immune system. Through its antioxidant properties, selenium effectively combats oxidative stress by reducing the harmful effects of free radicals, consequently preventing cellular damage in the body. This mineral will even support white blood cells!


Made With Clean, Premium Ingredients
100% Vegan | Gluten-free | No Additives, Fillers, Or Preservatives

We extract selenium from organic mustard seed for a clean, plant-based source.


Who it's for? 

  • Those looking to support their thyroid
  • Those who want to improve their overall health

Suggested use

Take 1 capsule daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Ingredients: Selenium (from organic mustard seed) 200 mcg. Other Ingredients: vegetable capsule (cellulose), organic gum acacia, ormus supercharged minerals.

*Orgen-SE® is a registered trademark of Orgenetics, Inc.®

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Data sheet

60 pcs.
Gluten Free
No Animal Testing
Non GMO Project
Vegan Friendly

    Can selenium help with muscle and/or joint pain? If not, what do you recommend?

    Selenium is useful for easing your body's inflammatory response. So, it may provide joint/muscle relief for some people. We also suggest looking into the following supplements for your situation:

    What is the mcg number in this product? My doctor asked that I take only 100 mcg of selenium per day.

    Each capsule contains 200 mcg per of Selenium. If you prefer, you can open the capsules and mix half of the powder into juice or water; that's as effective as consuming the capsule.

    Do you still recommend someone suffering from hyperthyroidism to take selenium together with iodine? Thanks

    It's ideal to take Selenium with Detoxadine to support thyroid health further. Although we cannot say that they are treatments for any medical condition, they have both been used to encourage overall hormone and thyroid health. As always, if you have any concerns, please consider checking in with your healthcare provider (if possible) before use.

    Our family generally needs to stay away from gum additives due to glutamate. Do you know if the gum acacia in your selenium product contains glutamate? I couldn't find any information about this online.

    Organic gum acacia is used as a safe flow agent in the manufacturing process and does not contain glutamate.

    Which foods contain selenium?

    Foods that contain selenium include Brazil nuts, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, garlic, grains, sunflower seeds, walnuts, raisins, and seafood. Seafood like tuna and halibut are sources of selenium, but can also contain heavy metals like mercury. Also, note that while fruits and vegetables can contain selenium, they only absorb it, but don’t produce it. This means that the actual amount of selenium in any particular fruit or vegetable depends on the selenium content of the soil in which it is grown. If the selenium content in the soil is low, it will be in the food as well. Since you’re unlikely to know the selenium content of where your food is grown, that’s another reason to take a supplement.

    Is this selenium supplement NUT-FREE? (Including Brazil nuts?)

    We make our Selenium from organic mustard seeds. The formula is not made from nuts.

    Do you have to take the iodine and selenium together or can you take them separately?

    Selenium can be effective on its own to support your immune system and neutralize free radicals. You can also take our iodine supplement, Detoxadine, with Selenium for advanced thyroid support. If you're interested in our Thyroid Health Kit, check it out via the following link:

    Do you have a dropper bottle for your selenium in liquid form?

    Currently, we only offer Selenium in capsules. If needed, you can also open the capsules and mix the powder in juice or water. Both uses are equally effective.

    Can one take too much Selenium and if so what effect does it have???

    It's possible to take too much of any nutrient. With our Selenium supplement, it provides concentrated nutrition to fill in the gaps in your diet. One capsule, which is the daily suggested serving, offers 200 mcg of selenium. That is well within the safe upper limit (400 mcg/day) for adults. Regardless, we understand that everyone is different and that individual needs may vary. To better understand how much selenium you need and how it can affect you if you take more than necessary, we suggest checking in with your healthcare provider for additional tips and guidance.

    What is ormus supercharged minerals which is listed as an ingredient on your Selenium label?

    Our method of activating and adding a unique, proprietary blend of Ormus Supercharged Minerals™ is based on techniques used by the Father of Alchemy, Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus, who concluded that the addition of trace minerals causes the herbal extract to become exponentially stronger (yet safe), as well as more bioavailable, therapeutic, balanced, and stable. Additionally, each step of the trace mineral production process gathers and concentrates monatomic elements and sends them into a high-electron spin state. Minerals and trace minerals are safely activated and pulled into organic complexes where they are fixed and preserved in a readily available state. Ormus Supercharged Minerals also include Bamboo salts.

    Is selenium safe to take while taking any of the cleanses or the weight loss bundle? I recently purchased a liver cleanse and the weight loss bundle. I plan on doing the liver cleanse before the weight loss bundle but wasn’t sure when or if I shou ...

    Thank you for reaching out. You can safely add Selenium to any of our cleanses or bundles. We mainly suggest taking one capsule daily with food, and taking it 2-3 hours away from Oxy-Powder (colon cleansing capsules) to ensure maximum absorption.

    Best time to take selenium?

    We suggest taking one capsule of Selenium daily, preferably with your morning meal.

    How much selenium do we need?

    The recommended dietary allowance of selenium for adults can range from 55 to 200 mcg. Adult females may need as little as 55 mcg; adult males as little as 70 mcg; pregnant females at least 65 mcg; and 75 mcg/day for lactating females. For adults, the safe upper limit is 400 mcg/day.

    Please advise BEST time of DAY to take; with or without food and is it safe to take with ZINC? Thanks

    It can help to take Selenium with food — one capsule daily in the morning, afternoon, or evenings. For best results, we suggest taking all supplements 2 hours away from Zinc to ensure maximum absorption.

    Can you take this while nursing?

    Selenium is an essential mineral while pregnant or breastfeeding; however, due to the potency, please check with your healthcare provider before use in these delicate situations.

    I have four teenagers, how much selenium can they have? Ages are 13,14,16 and 18. Thank you.

    Selenium is a necessary nutrient for everyone; however, since our formula is mainly for adults due to the potency, it may help to speak with your teenagers' healthcare provider to discuss an appropriate serving size. You can also consider [intraMAX 2.0](, which is an all-in-one support formula for individuals 12 years and up; it contains a more suitable amount of nutrients for growing bodies.

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