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A healthy dose of germs can boost our immune systems, but excessive exposure to harmful organisms can significantly impact our overall health. They can hinder nutrient absorption, weaken vital organs, introduce waste into our bodies, and impair the immune system. To combat this, our comprehensive 40-day Harmful Organism Cleanse Program provides the tools needed to cleanse your body effectively. By combining Paratrex, Latero-Flora, Oregano Oil, and Candida Balance, this powerful combination detoxifies harmful organisms, supports gut health, and strengthens the immune system, preventing future unwelcome invaders from taking hold.


The Benefits How a Harmful Organism Cleanse Leads to a Better You.

Detox Unwanted Organisms

On a regular basis, we encounter harmful organisms through various means, such as undercooked food, soil, or even swimming. However, our program is specifically designed to eliminate these invaders, aiming to enhance your overall health. By targeting and cleansing your body from these harmful organisms, we strive to promote a healthier and more robust state of well-being. Let us help you reclaim your health by removing these unwanted intruders.

Supports Gut Health

When harmful organisms reside in the digestive tract, they cause indigestion and occasional constipation. This program populates your intestines with beneficial probiotics.

Strengthens Immune System

Harmful organisms excrete waste and weaken your body’s natural defenses. Getting rid of them eases the burden on your immune system so it can focus solely on keeping you healthy.


What's included?

Clean, Premium Supplements



This powerful blend helps create a hostile environment for harmful organisms and supports their elimination.


A unique probiotic that populates the intestines with beneficial organisms to support and balance digestion while protecting against harmful organisms.

Oregano Oil

A pure and potent blend of Mediterranean oregano, olive, peppermint, and cayenne oils to support your immune system.

Candida Balance

Potent herbs and enzymes that support your body’s internal defense against the overgrowth of candida, yeast, and all types of fungi.


Who it's for: Those looking to cleanse harmful organisms from their body.

Instructions: Take 3 capsules of Paratrex and 1 capsule of Latero-Flora every morning 20 minutes before your morning meal. Take 3 more capsules of Paratrex and 3 capsules of Candida Balance 20 minutes before your afternoon meal, and 3 capsules of Oregano Oil with your afternoon meal.

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1 Pc.
GMO Free
Gluten Free
No Animal Testing
Vegan Friendly
Harmful Organism Cleanse Program
    Does this program have any side effects?

    While cleansing, you may feel tired, sluggish, or irritable, otherwise known as a ‘healing crisis.’ You may have a foul, acidic smell from under your arms or in your urine. These indications are temporary and will pass. Stay comfortable by resting, taking warm baths to encourage toxin release, and drinking purified water.

    What are common ways to pick up harmful organisms?

    Harmful organisms are usually introduced through ingesting raw vegetables, meats (mostly undercooked, especially pork), raw fish (sushi), or unclean water. Swimming in the ocean, lakes, ponds, or rivers can cause harmful organisms to enter the nose or mouth. Poor hygiene, lack of handwashing, and biting nails can introduce harmful organisms. Petting animals or allowing them to lick you can transfer harmful organisms. Traveling abroad can expose you to new harmful organisms. Molds are harmful organisms that can be inhaled in water-contaminated homes or buildings. Finally, there is evidence that parasites can be sexually transmitted.

    I noticed the harmful organism cleanse recently changed; why?

    We pay close attention to our customers’ comments and requests. In addition to listening to our customers, we have observed that many people affected by harmful organisms also struggle with an imbalance of yeast within their bodies and possible exposure to mold. Therefore, adding two of our most effective products for those concerns was natural — Mycozil and Oregano Oil.

    What are the best herbs and foods to eat while performing the harmful organism cleanse?

    Many foods and herbs support the body’s defense against harmful organisms: carrots, pumpkin seeds, garlic, onions, sunflower seeds, coconut and coconut oil, onions, papaya seeds, and turmeric.

    What foods should be avoided while performing the harmful organism cleanse?

    Avoid meat and other animal products, especially undercooked or non-organic. Avoid sugary foods because they feed harmful organisms.

    Can the Harmful Organism Cleanse be taken by those with a diagnosed nut allergy?

    Paratrex contains an extract from black walnut hulls. Because the active material is harvested from the hull (shell) of the nut, there is no way to know with certainty that the extract is 100% free of the actual allergenic protein in walnuts. While it is unlikely that the extract contains allergenic components of walnut, it is best to be cautious and avoid it if you are allergic to walnuts.

    What is a healing crisis?

    A ‘healing crisis’ is a term that describes a phenomenon where you may feel worse during cleansing. A ‘healing crisis’ may occur because eliminating harmful organisms can release accumulated toxins, which must be processed before exiting the body. When these toxins are liberated, it can result in temporary fatigue, headache, minor rash, lack of mental clarity, joint or muscle aches, irritability, and difficulty sleeping (or sleeping too much). Mood swings are also common complaints. Some people experience multiple ill feelings, while most people experience none. These temporary issues usually subside within three days. Remember to drink purified or lemon water to help flush toxins from your body.

    Why is it important to maintain a healthy balance of probiotics, especially when dealing with harmful organisms?

    A healthy intestinal flora can help to balance harmful organisms, promote digestion, support chemical and hormonal balance, support normal energy levels, and encourage proper immune function. Just as the earth is home to many life forms, the human body harbors a vast internal ecosystem consisting of billions of living microorganisms that coexist peacefully or in conflict. This vast internal ecosystem, or 'human intestinal flora', dramatically influences each person's state of health and well-being, both physical and mental health. With a population exceeding 100 trillion, these microorganisms can exceed the number of cells in the entire body!

    How often do we recommend you perform the Harmful Organism Cleanse Program?

    For best long-term results, we recommend performing this cleanse twice a year or once every 6 months.

    Is the Harmful Organism Cleanse Program safe for kids?

    This product is not recommended for children.

    Is the Harmful Organism Cleanse Program safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

    This product is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Is the Harmful Organism Cleanse Program safe for pets?

    It is not recommended to give these products to pets. We do not perform animal testing on our products.

    While on the cleanse, is it safe to take Oxy-Powder?

    You can still consider taking Oxy-Powder intermittently in the evening, 2-3 times weekly, to expedite the release of toxic build-up during this program.

    Can I take other supplements while on the cleanse?

    You can consider taking your other supplements, preferably 20-30 minutes away from the cleanse products, to ensure maximum absorption.

    Can I open the capsules for each product and mix the powder into water?

    You can consider opening the capsules for each product and mixing the powder in water if needed; that's as effective as taking the capsules themselves.

    Can I do this program if I have a medical condition?

    This cleanse program is excellent for eliminating harmful organisms from pets, undercooked food, or our environment. If you have a severe medication condition, please consider working with your natural healthcare provider before use for additional tips and guidance.

    Is it advisable to do the cleanse simultaneously with your other cleanse programs?

    It's best to complete the cleanse programs separately to allow your body to eliminate toxins more efficiently. For instance, you can start with the Harmful Organism Cleanse Program, rest for one week, and continue on with the next cleanse program.

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